Brick Work

Add Artisanal Brick to Your Home

Add Artisanal Brick to Your Home

We build brick patios, brick fireplaces and other features in Tempe, AZ

There are few materials more classically beautiful or more durable than brick. If you want to add the beauty of brick to your property, turn to Durango Masonry & Tile in Tempe, AZ. We build everything, from brick patios to brick fireplaces, throughout the city.

Hire us to install a stylish brick structure that lasts for many years to come. To learn more about our brick patios and other structures, call 480-233-2805 now.

Choose the right brick for your project

When you think of brick construction, you might picture standard burnt clay bricks. People have constructed buildings with fired bricks for thousands of years - many of which are still standing.

In addition to burnt clay bricks, we can use other types of brick like:

  • Concrete brick
  • Fly ash clay brick
  • Engineering brick

Each has a different appearance and purpose. For example, fly ash clay bricks have a pale color. They don't absorb heat, which is a fantastic quality in our climate. You can depend on us to help you choose the right kind of brick for all kinds of features, from brick fireplaces to walkways.